Reef ICO bounty program


The Reef ICO team is delighted to welcome you to our bounty campaign.  We hope you find this document informative and easy to understand.  Once you have reviewed which part(s) of the bounty campaign you would like to take part in, all you need to do is apply after you have read these rules, by filling in the relevant form.

We have allocated 8,000,000 SQUID tokens for distribution in the bounty campaign. Of these tokens, 2,000,000 will be available to participants in the Pre-ICO bounty campaign. This campaign will start on 20/05/2019 and will run up until 15/06/2019.

In order to receive bounties, you must first register an account with us at To be eligible to receive rewards for the bounty campaign tasks you have completed, you must undertake all the tasks required right through until the bounty campaign has finished on 15/06/2019.   Rewards will be issued subject to a review of the quality of the work undertaken and to ensure there have been no abuses.  If any of the tasks such as likes or retweets have been undone before the end date, this will render the entitlement to rewards void.

Members ofReef ICO Bounty community who get involved and support us in these early phases of the project can potentially earn SQUID tokens which they can use to buy games when Reef is launched or exchange them for other currencies once we are live on currency exchanges.

We reserve the right to change the percentage allocated to each bounty at any time without prior notice.

As you will see, some bounties have both compulsory tasks and optional tasks, the latter being available to you to earn bonuses should you go above and beyond the call of duty for the benefit of the project

General Reef Bounty Rules

1. Should you have any questions about the campaign, please ask them here: Bounty Telegram Group
2. We reserve the right to make any changes to these rules and to the terms of the campaign at any time without prior notice, in the interests of the campaign and the project.
3.Reef ICO  will not be able to change registration details or Ethereum addresses after they have been submitted to us.  Please therefore ensure you take the time to submit accurate and correct details to us.
4. Any offensive, unethical, fraudulent or other unwarranted behaviour that damages the good reputation of Reef when participating in the campaign will result in immediate disqualification and expulsion.
5. Our decisions on any issues are final.
6. You must fill out the relevant form or respond to this post before each week ends in order to enter each bounty.

Reef’s ICO Bounty Campaign is split into 4 weeks to manage the amount of stakes the bounty hunters will earn each week.

For Reef Twitter Bounty:

1. You must have at least 200 followers to participate in the campaign.
2. Your Twitter account must be more than 3 months old.

Compulsory Tasks

1. The Reef ICO bounty hunter must follow @Reefplatform on twitter.
2. You must like at least three tweets a week from the @Reefplatform twitter account throughout the duration of the campaign.
3. You must retweet at least three posts by @Reefplatform weekly. This must not be done in one day but rather spread over a week.
4. You must fill out the form below and comment on this post once you have completed your weekly task

For Instagram Bounty:

1. You must have at least 100 followers to participate in the campaign.
2. You must have an Instagram profile picture.

Compulsory Tasks:

1. You must follow @Reefplatform on Instagram.
2. You must like at least five posts by @Reefplatform.
3. You must fill out the form below and comment it on this post once you have completed your weekly tasks

Other Reef ICO bounty you can find by this link on bitcointalk

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