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REMME Ambassador Campaign Details

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We are pleased to announce the launch of REMME Ambassador Campaign, which will last 6 weeks from May 07, 2018 till June 18, 2018.

We appreciate and respect our community, therefore we are conducting this campaign with the aim of scaling up our project and we are looking for thought leaders and authoritative users of the network. If you would like to gain the status of REMME Ambassador, we will be glad to welcome you and your strong content-making skill set.

For maximum support from our side and increased interest from engaged users in the REMME ecosystem, we offer a bonus program for a limited number of participants. As a gesture of gratitude for your work, we have amassed an ambassador pool to the amount of $ 170,000 (all payments will be made in the REM tokens).

You can check your status in this spreadsheet.
REMME Ambassadors General Rules:
■  We do not focus on the social media space, so if you want to become part of the REMME community, join our Ambassador campaign and show Proof-of-Quality on platforms chosen by our moderators.
■  You must be approved by our moderators and pass the Whitelist to prove your knowledge of the project.
■  You must be an active user of content sites and be distinguished by having a strong and influential community.
■  This means that the multiplier effect will work and your cumulative reward will increase by a certain equivalent.
■  1 stake = $1. Please note that poll stakes will not be distributed for all participants at the end of the campaign. Approved members will receive only their own stakes.
■  We reserve the right to remove anyone of the participants from any campaign at any time if we think that they are not honest, or are spamming the forum and withhold token provision.
■  We reserve the right not to accept some forum members in the campaign even if they do fulfill the terms laid out without having to explain why.
■  We reserve the right to pause one or all campaigns, stop a specific campaign, or limit the
number of participants in a campaign or exclude several member types, as our Ambassador campaign is not allocated by stakes.
■  We reserve the right to lower / increase / change the amount of token allocation at any given time.
■  We’re focused on the development of high quality content by participants for the Ambassadors campaign.
General Terms are provided above with each campaign featuring Additional Terms. Please carefully study these Additional Terms keeping in mind that these run alongside the General Terms.
Please keep in mind that reports will be accepted only on the following topics:
■  How do you understand the project?
■  Potential use cases and comparisons with other projects from the security sphere
■  What is REMME’s killer features?
■  What are the prospects for the project in the near future?
■  What problems does REMME solve?
■  Features of the token economy
■  REMME protocol for third-party services
■  Opportunities and perspectives for masternode holders


Allocation Section:


Please note that delivery of all reports takes place through the corresponding Google form every Monday until 23:59. Awards of participants who did not record their weekly activity will be canceled.

Creative Ideas Campaign


Report form for creative ideas.

Obligatory conditions for participation:
■ The essence of this category is to involve a community in REMME project life
■ We recommend you to show maximum creativity in the performance of tasks
■ Competition for the best video on the application of REMME’s application in the life of
network users
■ Creating content on your own sites, but including those resources that are traced on
■ Recording opinion-based content on the above topics in personal blogs with a large number
of subscribers. For clarification of
details, please contact us by email or direct message to our admins
■ Creation and placement of banners on site resources and other graphic design proposals
■ We welcome the publication of ideas and proposals for improvement
■ If you have your own telegram channel with strong crypto community (>1,000 members) we
will be glad to consider your
proposal. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us


350 stakes for high quality performing tasks

Steemit Campaign


Report form for Steemit.

Obligatory conditions for participation:
■  Rank from 40
■  Number of views – from 100
■  Articles only high quality
■  Number of characters from 700

Bonus: We guarantee +25% bonus if your article is in the top of the selected categories and stayed for a day


150 stakes – high quality

LinkedIn Campaign


Report form for LinkedIn.

Obligatory conditions for participation:
■  Number of subscribers from 500
■  Number of characters from 700
■  For each participant, a mandatory condition is to have a history of writing articles on crypto
topics and/or cyber security
■  Posts must be published exclusively on profile accounts, for example, blockchain, cyber /
information security


150 stakes – high quality

Reddit Campaign


Report weekly form for Reddit.

Week 1 (May 7 – May 13) <— Current
Week 2 (May 14 – May 20) <— Ongoing
Week 3 (May 21 – May 27) <— Ongoing
Week 4 (May 28 – June 03) <— Ongoing
Week 5 (June 4 – June 10) <— Ongoing
Week 6 (June 11 – June 17) <— Ongoing
Bonus: + 25% if your publication has more than 50 upvotes.


Obligatory conditions for participation:

■ Subscribe to
■ Amount link/post karma from 100, comment karma – 100
■ Minimum 3 posts from 300 characters, at least 7 comments from 100 characters
■ At least 3 comments per week in /r/remme/
■ Articles and posts high quality only accepted
■ Comments with negative trust are not accepted
■ The age of the account is at least 30 days
■ For the publication to be counted, it should be published in one of the following sub-credits or
subreddits related to crypto-currencies: r / bitcoin, r / ethereum, r / ethtrader, r /
icocrypto, r / cryptocurrency, r / btc , r / altcoin , r / CryptoMarkets


A guaranteed weekly reward of 100 stakes will be distributed to each participant in the Reddit category, provided all tasks are completed. We reserve the right to withdraw the reward if you have not conscientiously adhered to our rules

5 stakes/post – 10 upvotes
10 stakes/post – 20 upvotes
20 stakes/post – 50 upvotes

2 stakes/comments – 20 upvotes
4 stakes/comments – 40 upvotes.

Youtube Campaign


Report form for YouTube.

Category high quality video:

■ Mandatory subscription to the official REMME channel
■  The key condition: number of subscribers should be at least 1,000
■ The number of views is at least 500 by the end of the campaign
■ Note: for all 6 weeks you should raise the required number of views otherwise the video will
not be accepted
■ The selection of the video takes place on a competitive basis.
■ Only unique high-quality video review on the subjects listed above is accepted
■ Duration of the video is not less than 2 minutes
Category super high quality video:
■ The number of subscribers should be at least 2,000
■ Only original video content
■ Duration up to 4 minutes
■ The percentage of the audience interested in the crypto industry should prevail out of the
total number of subscribers
■ Your channel must match the format of the video that you publish and not conflict with the
interests of the community
■ The number of views at the end of the campaign should be at least 1,000



150 stakes – high quality
500 stakes – super video (allocation 20%)
rejected  – low quality

Content Creation Campaign


■  We emphasize that your work must be creative, original and unique
■  An article or video review should be relevant to the topics
■  Validity of your work will be approved by our moderators at the end of campaign.

Signature Campaign


Report weekly form for Signature.

Week 1 (May 7 – May 13) <— Current
Week 2 (May 14 – May 20) <— Ongoing
Week 3 (May 21 – May 27) <— Ongoing
Week 4 (May 28 – June 03) <— Ongoing
Week 5 (June 4 – June 10) <— Ongoing
Week 6 (June 11 – June 17) <— Ongoing

Avatar: Any participant in the subscription campaign, regardless of rank, will be able to choose an avatar for his / her taste.


Personal Text:  Blockchain powered authentication from the future

■ The limit is 135 participants.
■  1 stake is $1. We guarantee the reward to each participant in accordance with their rank.
■  As the REMME campaign does not position itself as a typical distribution of rewards for
completing tasks, you must prove the quality of your content in order to get REM.
■ We reserve the right to withdraw the application for participation in the ambassador
campaign if the participant is not approved
by our moderators after filling out the Whitelist.
■  We accept members with the rank Full Member and above.
■  Throughout the campaign, you must WEEKLY distribute at least 20 posts about the REMME
project (3 of which at least on the ANN thread)
○ Posts in the alternative cryptocurrencies section are required.
○ Publications must have at least 120 characters.
○ Forbidden spelling of posts of such branches as:
Politics and Society, Off-topic, Archival, Auctions, Lending, Beginners, and Help.
○ Negative trust is not accepted.
○ Don’t change the signature and/or avatar during the campaign.
○ Spam, abuse, and insults is not accepted.


Full member – 116 stakes per week
Senior member  – 133 stakes per week
Legendary member  – 250 stakes per week
Hero member  – 166 stakes per week