Ripple – First Fiat-InterLedger Protocol (ILP) Connector Launched


The Ripple development team has launched the first fiat InterLedger Protocol (ILP) connector, and it is expected to be a big step towards interoperability with traditional financial systems and gain massive adoption.

Ripple Launches First Fiat ILP Connector

During the ILP Summit 2019, the team behind the development of ILP including Vanessa Pestritto launched the first ILP—Fiat connector. In a presentation by Stephen Thomas, the co-founder of InterLedger, a streaming payment demo was carried out at the summit.

But she was not the only one. As shaping and promoting blockchain interoperability, the overall XRP community is super excited as enthusiasts believe this feature could be vital in spurring crypto and most importantly XRP adoption.

Despite headwinds, XRP technological development continues to build, forging ahead as they seek to make Ripple’s objective possible. However, massive adoption continues to evade them. Ripple has been working hard to change that narrative by rolling out products that would help financial institutions all over the world make it easier for their customers to carry out both local and cross-border transactions faster, cheaper, and more comfortably.

The launch of this ILP could make it easier for financial institutions to deal with cryptocurrencies and fiat. At the same time, a move that would be critical to the crypto market gaining widespread adoption over the coming years.

ILP Would Become a Global Payment System

David Schwartz, the Chief Technological Officer at Ripple, is convinced that the ILP would become a global payment system. Back in 2018, Schwartz said “by connecting bank ledgers and existing infrastructure investments via ILP, banks are taking the first steps in improving global payments today — and in enabling a true Internet of Value.”

Following the development of the ILP, Schwartz added that Ripple’s xRapid solution would make it possible for banks and other financial entities to save time and money when carrying out cross-border remittance.  He pointed out that Ripple’s products would lay the foundation for the next five decades in the world of finance.

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