Rippled 1.0.0 ready to work !

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Rippled 1.0.0 saw a release today on Github. This marks the “gold status” of the product. It has come out of its alpha and beta stage and is now ready to be used by Ripple’s customers.

One of Ripple’s development team members, Nik Bougalis tweeted:

“A large part of the @Ripple C++ team is at #Consensus2018. But that didn’t stop us from just releasing rippled 1.0.0.”

Rippled is the name given to the network on which the XRP Ledger runs. The servers connect to a network of peers, relays cryptographically signed transactions and maintains a local copy of the shared global ledger. It is written in the C++ programming language.

The XRP Ledger features an API that can be used with Rippled, known as RippleAPI. It is a JavaScript client library.

As Ripple’s xRapid product functions on the XRP Ledger, the release of the finished Rippled product signifies that the xRapid product is ready and viable for commercial use case scenarios. This announcement comes hot on the tail of the first live xRapid demo conducted by David Schwartz. It was described by onlooker and crypto enthusiast SecureBlockChains on Twitter as:

“Just watched a live demo of xRapid by @ripple. $100 was sent from NY to Mexico in 2 minutes, which included 2 different conversions in which the result was Pesos in a Mexican bank account. IN 2 MINUTES! The XRP part was done in seconds. #xrpthestandard”

The xRapid product seems to be ready for the market as well, with the XRP community speculating that it will be launched at the community night.

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