Sheng World IEO Bounty and review

sheng IEO bounty

Introduction to Sheng World IEO Bounty

Sheng World ICO Bounty  serves as the first-ever B2B4C platform that harnesses the power of blockchain and AI to create an entire ecosystem for the lifestyle and wellness industries. It offers services and products that enrich the mind, body, and soul, allowing users to celebrate life and rejuvenate from the grind of daily life. Powered by blockchain, Sheng World is fueled by two (2) tokens, i.e., the SHENG Token, which is used as a reward and staking token, and the LIFE Token, which is the token that will be exchanged for goods and services in the SHENG Marketplace.

Unused LIFE tokens can be refunded in the SHENG Marketplace at the discretion of SHENG
World. Users using the LIFE Tokens for payment get access to the full features of SHENG World, including discounts and the ability to earn rewards from the ecosystem.



  • ICO Bounty will be operated for 6-8 weeks
  • Spreadsheet will update on Saturday or Sunday
  • Payment will be sent 2 months after end of IEO, distribution process maximum 3 months.
    Please create create video or wear the signature only after your application status is accepted (status can be checked on spreadsheet)
  • To start with any ICO bounty campaign, you must join: (This is a must step, for all campaigns):
  • Participants of the Social Media campaign must follow:
    • SHENG Facebook
    • SHENG Twitter
    • SHENG Linkedin
  • Participant with RedTrust from any DT will not accepted
  • All questions related to the bounty must be sent to Telegram Bounty Group, not in the main
    telegram group
  • You must agree to complete KYC that will be done post IEO
  • Submit your work on Google Form (See Post #2)
  • Report post in this thread will not be count
  • Bot, inactive or recently wake-up account are not allowed to participate in the campaign
    Facebook & Twitter account registered after May 2019 are not allowed to participate
    Any question related to the bounty must be send to Bounty Thread or Telegram Bounty Group
  • Member who want to leave our signature or social media campaign must ask the Bounty moderator by PM either on Bitcointalk or on Telegram Bounty Group, if they want to get paid for their partial contributions


More info about Sheng World ICO Bounty by this link

Full ICO Bounty list


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