Ties.Network is Krawlly team? ICO soma rated by ICOnow

Ties.Network rating by ICOnow.net

No SCAM rate = 5  Marketing rate = 4 Business rate = 4  Tech rate = 4

Total: 17 points.

Ties.Network is an ethereum-based business platform for frictionless collaboration built on Ties.DB — the world’s first decentralized public database.

Let’s take a look at a team that is working on this project.

It looks like it’s the Krawlly project team!

Alexander Neymark
Ties.Network is Krawlly team? ICO soma rated by ICOnow

Founder, CEO

Dmitry Kochin
Ties.Network is Krawlly team? ICO soma rated by ICOnow

Founder, CTO, PhD

Anton Filatov
Ties.Network is Krawlly team? ICO soma rated by ICOnow

Head of Software Development

Senior Java/Scala Developer
Ivan Vyatkin
Ties.Network is Krawlly team? ICO soma rated by ICOnow

Software developer

Front-end developer

What is krawlly?

Krawlly is Famous it-solution in Russia

Krawlly is deal in software development, based on technology of account aggregation, which brings together information on accounts and transactions of different banks, mobile operators loyalty programs. On the basis of account aggregation technology we supply solutions for MFOs, banks, e-wallets, PFM, CRM-systems (cross-selling) , insurance companies and cell operators.

Krawlly write a specific code of spider-robots which connect to the private bank account via web-browser or mobile application. The user enters the username and password from the personal bank account, and then spider-robot takes the information and sends to Krawlly server.

They work with the top companies of Russia (https://krawlly.com/export/)

Krawlly create app for end users AnyBalance (https://anybalance.ru)

Strong team

Alexander Neymark (CEO Ties.Network) – Has extensive experience developing innovative financial services in financial sector.

http://futurebanking.ru/post/3097 (Russian language)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6C-sYBmleUo (Russian language TV)
http://bankir.ru/publikacii/20160113/aleks-neimark-aleks-fork-ibank-global-eto-otkrytaya-ekosistema-dlya-bankov-10007075/ (Russian language radio)

Natalia Tokar (Business Development Partner Ties.Network)  – great communication skills, regular speaker at international events.

Natalia is Public Speaking Coach. She is the founder of UpSkillMe.ru – Corporate educational solutions for ambitious teams.


Sergey Mukhanov (Head of Product Management Ties.Network)  – More than 5 years in VISA. He built some innovative solutions with Issuers, Acquirers, Vendors and financial Start-ups to grow Visa business.

IT team

Dmitry Kochin (CTO Ties.Network), Anton Filatov, Ivan Vyatkin as we know they worked under Krawlly. Great IT-solution and team.

Hendry Rodriguez – linkedin says that he works in Everis – a big consulting company. Everis also gives advice in blockchain (Smart contracts, ethereum etc). Maybe he is hired to work on smart contracts. https://www.everis.com/usa/en/whatwedo/transformation/blockchain

1. Real people with real story.
2. A well-balanced team.
3. Real experience in implementing financial projects.
4. Many speeches at conferences.

Conclusion: you need to invest.

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