TOP countries by number of Bitcoin ATMs


Millions of users enjoy a variety of advantages provided by Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Despite the fact that there are more than 500 existent digital currencies, Bitcoin is the most known and trusted one. Over the years, Bitcoin ATMs has gained immense popularity and is present dominantly in North America and Europe.

The machines, which are made by a variety of different manufacturers, allow prospective cryptocurrency investors to buy their own digital currency on the spot by inserting cash to initiate a digital transaction that transfers the purchased bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) via either a paper receipt or an online “wallet,” where digital currency can be safely stored. Also, some bitcoin ATMs support two-way transactions, which means you can even sell your bitcoin and have cash dispensed on the spot.

bitcoin atm buy sell

There are 5000 bitcoin ATMs located across the World, according to the latest statistics.

total btc atm

TOP 5 countries by number of Bitcoin ATMs

United States – 3246 bitcoin ATMs


Canada – 691 bitcoin ATMs


Austria – 269 bitcoin ATMs

austria bitcoin atm

Bitcoin ATMs by country:

United States – 3437
Canada – 691
Austria – 269
United Kingdom – 263
Spain – 94
Czech Republic – 67
Switzerland – 64
Russian Federation – 58
Greece – 52
Other countries – less than 50 ATMs.
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