Trust Wallet Adds Support For SPACE ID .bnb Names (+ instruction)


Trust Wallet is please to announce that we’ve added support for SPACE ID names! You can now register your .bnb name utilise it in your Trust Wallet!

Read on to see exactly what SPACE ID is and how to get your own in just a few easy steps.

So… What Is SPACE ID?

Built on BNB Chain, SPACE ID is a universal name service network that seamlessly connects people, information, assets, and applications in the digital world. It is chain-agnostic, decentralized, censorship-resistant, and open-sourced.

Your SPACE ID (SID) is more than just a name, it will also be your multi-chain identity in the Metaverse: trade cryptos, lend tokens, mint NFTs, and buy tickets or even homes in the future highly decentralized world easier by using only one ID.

In August, SPACE ID launched its first and starting product, .bnb Domain Name Service, which is the standard domain identifier to be integrated with its whole ecosystem.

Read more about the SPACE ID ecosystem on their website: 

How To Register For A .bnb Domain

The .bnb domain registration through Trust Wallet is simple. Just follow these 4 simple steps!

Step 1:

Open your Trust Wallet app. Don’t have Trust Wallet yet? There’s a download link at the top of this article!
After you’re in your Trust Wallet app, tap on the dApp browser icon at the bottom and head to Type it in the top of the browser like Google!

Trust Wallet Adds Support For SPACE ID .bnb Names (+ instruction)

Step 2:

Connect your wallet to SPACE ID by tapping on the ‘connect’ button in the top right. Make sure you’re on BNB Smart Chain. If not, tap on the wallet name in the middle, and select BNB Smart Chain!

Trust Wallet Adds Support For SPACE ID .bnb Names (+ instruction)

Step 3:

Search for your preferred name! It will tell you if the name is already taken before you complete the registration process. When you’ve found one that you like that is available, continue to the next step of the registration!

Trust Wallet Adds Support For SPACE ID .bnb Names (+ instruction)

Step 4:

Select the amount of time (in years) that you want the .bnb domain name for. Think of this as a website registration if you’ve done that before.
Minimum time is 1 year, and each year you add, the price will increase. Don’t worry! You don’t have to commit for longer that 1 year at this time. You can always extend the time later on.

Trust Wallet Adds Support For SPACE ID .bnb Names (+ instruction)

Once you’re happy with the time period and the price estimate, tap on ‘request’. Execute (confirm) the smart contract and then you’ll have your new .bnb name! You can manage your .bnb names on your SPACE ID profile page, and see your new .bnb name in your Trust Wallet as an NFT!
Just to head to your NFT page in Trust Wallet to view it. Now, people can send you BNB based tokens with this address!

The Benefits Of Having A .bnb Domain
– Anyone can register for .bnb domains to level up the traditional BNB Chain addresses on Trust Wallet. This means – no more long, complex addresses! Register the name or the address YOU want.
– Users will have the domain NFTs which represent the ownership of the domain name.
– .bnb Domain Name Service is the standard BNB Chain Domain Identifier to be integrated to its ecosystem soon. You can set custom records to your .bnb domains to enjoy an easier user experience with Trust Wallet, and thousands of other dApps. With those support, you can send funds, swap tokens, or buy NFTs with readable BNB domain names that are portable within and across applications.

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