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TrustedHealth is a patient-led and doctor-guided cooperative focused on creating an ecosystem with Trustedoctor as a partner, in order to create an ecosystem of services, s.a. diagnostic labs, private clinics or surgery, insurance companies, pharmacies, patient organisations, research institutions, providers for patients to access.

Content Campaign


If you’re a content creator, are excited about TrustedHealth and have your own large audience, this is for you.

1. Reddit – post on relevant subreddits and discussions to earn up to *50 TDH

2. BitcoinTalk – use us as your Bitcoin Talk Signature to get up to *50 TDH

3. Blogs – write and publish blogs that are relevant to our mission and audience to earn up to *150 TDH

4. News – get us in the news and covered by the media to earn up to *150 TDH

Have other ways and means of helping us spread the word? Get in touch through this email: – we are eager to hear your ideas.

*The total volume of earnings depend on the individual, the post and the reach. We will discuss this directly with the author.

Some general quality guidelines to follow:

Use English, Chinese, Russian or Spanish language

1. Your posts and promotions must be publicly visible and searchable

2. The content must be original – no plagiarism please!

3. Your content must contain the link to our webpage:

4. Include a call to action to encourage people to join our Telegram and Twitter channels

Social Media Campaign


Earn another 30TDH tokens!

Copy this pre-prepared text below and post it on your personal social media profiles.

Text: “Worth checking out: TrustedHealth – A decentralized ecosystem for specialized medicine enginireed on blockchain.

Submitt to ALL 3 platforms:




After you’re done, send us all three publicly available links to your post to bounty@TrustedHealth.ioand we’ll reward you with 30TDH tokens.

Telegram Campaign


Earn 10 TDH tokens by joining our community.

1.   Join our Telegram channel- HERE

2.   Follow us on Twitter  – HERE

3.   Register HERE so we can track your effort and activity!

Congratulations, you have just earned your first TDH tokens!

We don’t want thousands of random people floating around our channels. What we want are people who are interested and passionate about blockchain, crypto and the incredible evolution of specialised healthcare.

1. Add your friends

2. Earn 10TDH per each friend added!

NOTE: We do have some terms and conditions. If you join the group and then leave after a few days, it won’t count. We want community members who are engaged and who will stay active for at least three months – until the end of the CROWDSALE on April 7th 2018. (scheduled for 27th March 2018 and ending on April 27th).

So what is the TDH token and what is their use?
TDH token is a utility coin, an engagement reward coin and a subsidised payment method for transactions that take place in the TrustedHealth ecosystem. These tokens will grant you access to the best specialised medical care in the world and they are the fuel that’s driving our specialised medical ecosystem that we’re building for your future.

How do you get even more FREE TDH tokens?

Think way bigger than one, think hundreds. Our Bounty Program allows anyone to become a part of our community and help us bring our solution to life.