Tutellus ICO rating and analysis

Tutellus ico rating

Tutellus ICO rating

Total score: 92 out of 100 points!

Business (20 out of 20 points)

The main objective of Tutellus ICO is to create a new educational model that answers to the challenges of the market: train and identify the most committed students, increase the involvement of the best teachers, and strongly tie an educational community – the student body and teacher faculty – to the job market.

Key features:

Pulling people out of Poverty by paying and matching them with Jobs

Imagine a platform that help people to leave poverty behind. Tutellus plans to partially fund education for some of its students that are studying for available jobs.

Adding value to the Students

Imagine a platform that rewards the best students for their participation . The logic is simple: the better the training the student gets, the higher the value of the student for both the education community and companies (employers, job placement agencies, other service providers). This higher value of the student body stretches across the education platform to reach employers, and further into society as a whole.

Adding value to the Teachers

Imagine a platform in which teachers are rewarded for the excellence of their students : the more the students become relevant to the education platform and the job market, the more money their teachers will receive. Improving the students’ relevance will motivate the teachers, which in turn will significantly improve students’ motivation, the quality of the content, and the teachers’ commitment to their students.

Adding value to Companies searching for Candidates

Imagine a platform where companies may find the perfect fit for a position or contract. The platform will help students become more relevant to companies by creating a virtuous circle motivating the entire community of teachers and students. Students will be identified as job candidates by companies by their value in any specific learned skill.


Product readiness (5 out of 5 points)

Today Tutellus.com is the biggest online educational collaborative platform in the Spanish-speaking world, and Tutellus.io pretends to become the first collaborative & decentralized Educational Platform worldwide. Tutellus started in may 2013 and now we have a community of +1 million users from 160 countries, with over 130,000 video courses, positioning us as the leading platform in the market.

White Paper (10 out of 10 points)

The project is described in numerous documents:

Token launch
One Pager
Short Deck
Full Deck
FAQ repository

The content of the documents is presented in structured manner and it provides a fairly deep understanding of the logic of the system.

WhitePaper gives an overview of the business and specifies the advantages of the system.

White paper is translated into a number of languages (English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Korean).


Roadmap (7 out of 10 points)

RoadMap describes not only the future work, but also the work that has already been performed by the team.

RoadMap covers the period up to Jan, 2019. Plans look realistic thus the project can comply with the timeline of its implementation.

Sep 18 Core Features (Wallet management, Token interoperability, Active cryptocurrency)

Dec 18 Value Services (Full offchain-onchain interoperability, Teacher services, Token multi-functionality)

Jun 19 Company Services (BizDev implementation, Product management, Multi-user features)

Dec 19 Value Features (Deep Learning to tokens, Full Integration, Tokenomics optimization)


Legal (4 out of 5 points)

Tutellus Global Education OÜ, a legal person established under Estonian law with registration no. 14482706


Team (18 out of 20 points)

The project team is very strong. In general, the team has a good portfolio, and some of the key team members have been working with each other for many years.

Tutellus is under the control of an established team of professionals, with many years of expertise and the necessary knowledge.

Key team members of Tutellus:

Miguel Caballero – CEO, co-founder
20 years in Business Administration and Management. Miguel is an industrial engineer with an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa (1999) and a serial entrepreneur. In 2000 he founded Quoba (sold to IBM), in 2002 Neomedia (closed in 2010), and MET (spin-off of Neomedia, sold to Vectalia). Since 2012 Miguel has been completely focused on Tutellus.

Javier Ortiz – CTO, co-founder & main developer
25 years as a programmer. Java evangelizer, open-source project contributor and entrepreneur. Founder of Sokartec, has worked for Apple and Telefónica in multiple R&D projects from 2002 to 2011. After meeting Miguel at University (both are from Alicante) in 2007, they started developing professional products together. In 2012 they joined forces to create Tutellus.

Carlos López – Backend & blockchain developer
15 years as a programmer. Computer engineer, has developed the infrastructure and services of Tutellus since 2014. An expert on Docker, microservices and NodeJS. Miner and fan of blockchain, Bitcoin since 2010, and now NEM.

Javier Calvo – Engineer, mathematician & tokenomics manager
25 years of experience. Degree in Mathematics and computer engineer. Manager of deep learning projects inside the company and the math behind the tokenization of the platform. Designer of the algorithm stabilizing the Tokenomics flow in the long term.

Karolina Szymańczak – UX & Designer
10 years of experience. Graphic designer with a track record of working with apps in BQ and other projects. Since 2014, Karolina has been in charge of the entire interface design, as well as the services inside the platform.

Jaime Zapata – Operations
Jaime manages the relationship between users, teachers and students within the platform. He works looking for new content and reinforcing the community. He studied Publicity & PPRR and is a blockchain fan since 2016

Nacho Hontoria – Marketing Manager
10 years of experience in Marketing and SSMM industry. Coordinator of different portals in ATRESMEDIA and founder of Cantera Digital. Nacho is familiar with both Blockchain and Sports topics, producing a unique combination of both industries

Alex Ginés – PR & Community
10 years in IT industry, the last 4 years in Blockchain. Previously in Atraura as CMO, Alex is the founder of Jarvis.io and has worked also in VR industry, with experience in Public Relations and Communication

Covadonga Fernández – Relación con Medios
30 years of experience as journalist. Founder of Blockchain Media, Observatorio Blockchain and Comunica Blockchain. Associate to PUBLIQ and Criptonoticias. Cova is one of the most influential crypto journalists in latin countries.


ICO terms  (4 out of 5 points)

Total Supply: 1,500,000,000 TUT
For Sale: 60%
Hard Cap: 40,000,000 USD
Scholarships Program: 50% of total raised
Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, XEM, LTC, BCH, ZCASH, DASH, USD (only in preSale)
TUT price: 1 TUT = 0.05USD

Pre Sale date: May, 10th 2018 – June,11th 2018
Minimum purchase: 0.05 ETH
Early bird Bonus:
– May 10 – May 24: 20%
– May 25 – June 11: 15%

Main Sale date: June,12th 2018
Minimum purchase: 0.05 ETH
Early bird Bonus:
– June 12 – June 19: 10%
– June 20 – July 2: 5%
– July 3 – July 12: 0%

Token Distribution
– 60% Token Sale
– 20% Pool
– 10% Team
– 10% Bounty & Advisors

Funds Allocation:
– 40% Product & Engineering
– 20% Sales & Marketing
– 20% Publicity & PR
– 10% Operations
– 10% Security, Loyalty & Reserves


Token applying  (5 out of 5 points)

The model uses two different tokens: TUT and Smart TUT (aka STUT).
TUT will be used as the platform’s currency and to interact with other platforms and currencies.

Smart TUT or STUT, will not be directly tradable in fiat, and will be granted to reward users who contribute educational value to the platform and as a measure of the quality of their participation.

tutellus ico

A user may earn STUT in multiple ways, all of them related to learning or helping other users to learn. The number of STUT tokens held by a user provides a measure of the relevance and the importance of this user for the platform. An additional reward system will grant additional benefits for holding high amounts of STUT tokens.

The STUT tokens can be partly traded for TUT tokens or stored in the user’s virtual wallet as a measure of Relevance in the platform, which will provide benefits in the long term (such as job matching enabling companies to access to better employees, companies looking for influencers, lead acquisition, etc.). The user cannot buy STUT at any point: it must be earned by doing actions inside the platform.

The TUT token is a full tradable token that the user may use to, among other things:

  • Buy any product in the platform
  • Buy services, such as promotion and marketing for teachers, access to the students’ profiles, and other third-party services
  • Access scholarship programs funded through third-party donations
  • Influence governance decisions associated to relevance: approval of courses, career design, teachers, tutors and master management, etc.
  • Transfer money to other people, inside or outside the platform

The TUT tokens will be available to students, teachers and companies in multiple ways:

  • By buying them during the ICO or through the bounty program
  • Through the scholarships granted by Tutellus that reward the best students
  • By getting a share of the money paid by third parties (e.g. income generated by employers paying for identifying the best students)
  • Through the loyalty program
  • By trading the second token, STUT

The use of tokens absolutely reasonable in this economic and logical model. 


ICO Promotion  (19 out of 20 points)

Tutellus team actively participated in deferent conferences and forums:
Product Hackers Day 2018 (video link), The North American Bitcoin Conference, International Forum Suma Blockchain Technology, Consensus 2018 in New York etc

Tutellus ICO rating and analysis

They held many meetups and ICO presentations:

San Francisco — January 22, 23
London — January 25, 26
Amsterdam — January 29, 30
Barcelona — February 8
Mumbai — April 23, 24
London — March 10
New York — May 14-16
Monaco — May 16-17

Tutellus RoadShow in Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Tallin, Kiev – to be announced soon.

Very good traffic stats by Alexa rank.

Tutellus ICO rating and analysis

Promotion of the ICO occurs with the help of a bounty program. Tasks for obtaining rewards are standard (signature, Articles, Blogging, Facebook, Twitter).

The project team very active interact with the community by Telegram.


Visit: Tutellus ICO site and Tutellus ICOnow page
tutellus ICO

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