UBEX ICO rating and analysis: 93 out of 100 points

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UBEX ICO rating

Total score: 93 out of 100 points!

Business (19 out of 20 points)

Ubex project – a global, decentralized exchange of programmatic advertising based on neural networks and smart contracts. The mission of Ubex is to create a global advertising ecosystem with a high level of mutual trust and maximum efficiency.

Advertisers can automatically purchase ad slots using the Ubex system. Payment is made upon fulfillment of targeted actions by users. Procurement of advertising takes place in real time using programmatic technology on the basis of neural networks with the application of smart contracts.

With the help of Ubex, advertisers will reduce the average cost of attracting customers by 50%.

Advantages of Ubex in comparison with other advertising exchanges:

  • Neural networks maximize purchasing efficiency
  • Blockchain-based smart contracts minimize participants’ risks

What kind of problems can UBEX solve?

For Advertisers

Problem: Presence of brokers (effect on customer acquisition cost nearly 30%)
UBEX solution: Ubex offers a solution in the form of smart contracts on blockchain. Thanks to the Ubex purchasing system, the process of acquiring advertising slots and selecting the most effective websites for placement is simplified to the maximum and transaction risks are thereby reduced to a minimum. Once the payment is made, the advertiser can automatically purchase advertising according to the specified requirements set for the target audience, geography, time of displays and many other parameters. In addition, advertisers with high ratings have an option to defer payments. Thus, with the help of Ubex, it is possible to purchase advertising directly without any brokers, which significantly increases the economic efficiency of cooperation.

Problem: Pay per click (risk of fraud, effect on customer acquisition cost nearly 30%)
UBEX solution: With the help of smart contracts on blockchain, Ubex allows for the transition to the COST PER ACTION model of payment, eliminating fraud and the need for clicks. At the same time, Ubex solves the problem arising from the transition to the COST PER ACTION model of payment from other websites, as Ubex tracks all user actions on publishers’ sites (as well as on the advertiser’s site in case the user moves to it) and saves all data on the blockchain. Based on the results of actual actions, which the publisher can easily verify in the blockchain, payment is made for targeted actions only.

Problem: Inefficient targeting (effect on customer acquisition cost nearly 20%)
UBEX solution: Using neural networks and accumulated data, the Ubex algorithm selects the most current advertising offers relevant for certain visitors, maximizing the probability of obtaining the desired results. Moreover, the Ubex neural network evaluates the probability of targeted user actions. By applying such an approach, the Ubex algorithm estimates the economic efficiency of displaying various advertising options to each particular user. Thanks to the use of neural networks, the relevance of advertising displays is increased, along with predictability of advertising efficiency and the need to burn through budgets on trial and error approaches is reduced.

For Publishers

Problem: Imperfections of the targeting algorithms (low number of targeted actions)
UBEX solution: The Ubex neural networks solution increases the targeting of advertising, thereby maximizing the likelihood of target actions being performed by the audience of interest to the advertiser. Thus, the revenue for the publishers’ most effective advertising slots is maximized.

Problem: Low efficiency of purchasing algorithms (suboptimal loads of advertising slots)
UBEX solution: Smart algorithms based on neural networks on the Ubex platform are able to optimally distribute thousands of ads from advertisers online. The Ubex algorithm maximizes revenues of publishers with the most effective ad slots on account of their maximum load capacity.

Problem: Lack of transparency on the part of advertisers (shaving risks, non-payment for services or delays in payments for advertising by advertisers)

UBEX solution:

  • tracking of target actions and saving them in a database transparent for all participants;
  • creating a trusted reputation rating;
  • creating mechanisms for guaranteeing mutual settlements (Escrow, factoring);
  • tokenization of ad slots for publishers and factoring centers for advertisers;
  • distributed data mining for consumer-related information

Problem: Underdevelopment of monetization systems for advertising slots (lack of alternative sources of income)
UBEX solution:Ubex offers publishers the opportunity to tokenize their advertising slots. By utilizing all the statistics of users and advertising platforms available inside the exchange, Ubex algorithms provide forecasts of potential publisher earnings and give an opportunity of forecasting future earnings provided the necessary rating is available. Thus, through tokenization, publishers can improve their financial performance.

Problem: Inefficient targeting (irrelevant ad displays, low relevance)
UBEX solution:Thanks to the use of algorithms based on neural networks, Ubex offers users the most relevant advertising options. The profits for all parties involved are maximized through this approach. Thanks to the placement of advertising on their websites through the Ubex exchange, publishers reduce the outflow of users who are annoyed by advertising that does not match their interests. In turn, the retention of user traffic allows publishers to increase their profitability.

Product readiness (4 out of 5 points)

UBEX is already launched desktop and mobile Alpha versions of the Advertiser application. Go to UBEX App.


White Paper (10 out of 10 points)

WhitePaper gives an overview of the business and specifies the advantages of the system.
Market analysis gives proper information about its state and explains the position of UBEX in this market.

The content of the documents is presented in structured manner and it provides a fairly deep understanding of the logic of the system.

White paper is translated into a number of languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Hindi). This fact reflects the seriousness of the project.

The project is described in documents:

Token Economics
One Pager

Roadmap (9 out of 10 points)

Roadmap indicates not only the future tasks, but also already implemented development stages.

RoadMap covers the period up to March, 2019. Plans look realistic thus the project can comply with the timeline of its implementation.

Q4 2016 Creation of an advertising platform for promoting Payday Loans
Q1 2017 Development of integration tools to link marketing campaigns with publishers’ websites
Q3 2017 Introduction of an API interface for use by publishers to register advertising space
Q4 2017 Addition of new types of advertising tools and customization of widgets
Q1 2018 Introduction of advertiser auctions
April 2018 Development of the exchange smart contract prototype for the storage of basic information
May 2018 Launch of the desktop and mobile Alpha versions of the Advertiser application
August 2018 Launch of the desktop and mobile Alpha versions of the Publisher application
October 2018 Development of the system’s neural core prototype and initial training of the neural networks
November 2018 Introduction of smart contracts capable of storing neural network adjacent coefficients in the blockchain
December 2018 Introduction of an API prototype for sharing training data in exchange for rewards (data mining)
January 2019 Launch of the Beta versions of Advertiser and Publisher applications
March 2019 Release of the initial versions of operational applications and smart contracts

Legal (5 out of 5 points)

Ubex AI AG, Gotthardstrasse 26 6300 Zug
Head Office: Crypto Valley Labs “The Block”, Dammstrasse 16 6300 Zug, Switzerland


Team (17 out of 20 points)

The UBEX team consists of experienced professionals in the fields of marketing, investments and the crypto industry. The team is very strong, and many of team members have been working together for more than one year.

Artem Chestnov – CEO and Co-founder
Artem is a serial entrepreneur with a background in marketing, mainly focused on the European market. Artem graduated from INSEAD MBA in France and Singapore. Participated in various top-management roles in a number of Tech and Blockchain projects, including LAToken, Reborn and Medviser.

Daniel Biesuz – Head of Legal and Co-founder
Daniel Biesuz has built his career in the legal space, helping the M&A process of companies in Switzerland. His experience with previous projects, like Global Blockchain Technology Fonds, Lapo Blockchain and InsurePal and helped kick-start the legal and contribution block.

Dan Gartman – Ubex CTO
Artificial Neural Nets Master, Data Science Certified Engineer. Experience with Google TensorFlow, GoLang, Solidity and React.js

Andrew Rippon – Ubex COO
Blockchain technologies specialist, ex-lead designer for the Smart Dubai Platform. Consultant working with governments, corporates and real estate developers.

Ekaterina Anthony – Head of Global Sales
Economics graduate with an MBA in finance management from California State University. Based in Switzerland and actively involved in developing ICO markets and crypto funds offering. Active member of the Crypto Valley in Zug. Strong business development professional skilled in Investor Relations, Financial Markets, Operations Management, Trading Systems, Crypto Funds Management and Clients On-boarding.

Cooz Komei Tokita – Director Business Development
Japanese-American from Los Angeles, California, endowed with a Western and Eastern cultural background. Built the first local Bitcoin exchange in Japan in 2013 and other business ventures such as pharmaceutical tech, auto sales, personal finance/asset planning, and real estate. Early adopter of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Author of confidential reports for government and regulatory authorities.

Alex Korobkov – Ubex IR director
Alex is a professional contribution & strategy officer, successful entrepreneur, crypto contributor, ICO and VC advisor possessing more than 18 years’ cumulative experience in top management positions.

UBEX project is supported by a large number of advisors, and we hope that their expertise will help create a better service.


Michael Gord – Technical Advisor
Michael is a serial Blockchain entrepreneur and has founded or co-founded companies including MLG Blockchain, StratX and AirdropX, among others.

Urs Bolt – Advisor
Urs Bolt has more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, mainly in wealth management, investment banking and related technology businesses.

Ismail Malik – Marketing Advisor
Ismail is the founder of Blockchain Lab and the publisher of ICO Crowd magazine. He is one of the first enthusiasts of Blockchain in London and has been working in the industry since early 2013.

Alberto Maiorana – Advisor
Alberto has 15+ years experience in marketing and business development with a deep vision of the international business and a specific focus on consumer goods and sports & entertainment.

Michael Gord – Technical Advisor
Michael is a serial Blockchain entrepreneur and has founded or co-founded companies including MLG Blockchain, StratX and AirdropX, among others.

Sergio Pereira – Advisor
Sergio Pereira is a financial expert with over 15 years of experience.

Country managers and advisors:

Iyke Aru – Africa
Iyke is the leading blockchain educator in Africa. Iyke has 15 years of experience in both mainstream and internet contribution.

Arie Orlovsky – Israel
Arie Orlovski is graduate of Technicon in Israel. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, strategy consultant, technologist and business development executive.

David Lim – China & Korea
David has 15+ experience in business development in Asia. He is a native Korean who has lived in China for more than 10 years. He is a business development director for China in one of major global logistics companies. He worked on various marketing and investment projects for Korean government in Seoul before his MBA.

Jessica Kim – Korea
Annalise Ho – China & Hong Kong
Kevin Wong – Marketing Manager in China
Wilson Ho – Community manager, Vietnam
Samah Fahad Alaklabi – Community coordinator, Japan
Deng Feng – Investment officer, China

All this allows to say that presented team is qualified enough for developing such product.

ICO terms  (4 out of 5 points)

UBEX Token Details

Total: 4,000,000,000 UBEX tokens
72% of the Tokens will be allocated for the Token Sale and will be distributed to the Community.
15% of the Tokens will be allocated for the Team and Advisors with a 12 month lock period.
10% of the Tokens will be allocated for the Reserve and will gradually be used for project development, including transactions with partners.
3% of the Tokens will be allocated for the Bounty Campaign as rewards for Bounty participants, as well as for marketing expenses, miscellaneous costs associated with the Token Sale, AirDrop campaign expenses, and Referral Program payouts.

Token Sale Parameters

Token Standard: Ethereum ERC20
Soft Cap: 4,000 ETH
Hard Cap: 24,000 ETH
Cost of 1 UBEX Token: 0.00001 ETH
Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.01 ETH (or equivalent) / no limit
Purchase methods accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC
Whitelist: no
Presale or Private Sale: not held
Know Your Customer (KYC): yes. To receive the acquired UBEX Tokens onto personal Ethereum wallets, every participant must provide their personal information at any time starting from the first day of the Ubex Token Sale.


UBEX ICO rating and analysis: 93 out of 100 points

Token applying  (5 out of 5 points)

The UBEX token will act as a payment unit on the Ubex platform. The need for a token is based on the need to credit funds from advertisers’ accounts for the displays of advertising materials that they have bought. Basic cryptocurrencies do not allow crediting of funds from third party accounts even if one has permission from the third parties. The token allows for setting quotas (allowance) to a specific address within which the owner of the address can use the funds available on the account. Crediting is possible only on condition that the account holder has established the size of the quota and only from the address to which the quota is issued, otherwise the funds cannot be credited.

The Ubex platform will enable owners of websites providing statistical data for training of the system core to receive UBEX Tokens as a reward for their actions (analogous to mining). 5% of the income from all Ubex transactions will be distributed to the data providers. Using a proprietary token allows writing a smart contract that allows such actions. The use of cryptocurrency directly does not provide such opportunities.

Every quarter, we will use 20% of our proceeds from transaction commissions to buy back UBEX Tokens and destroy them, until 50% of all UBEX Tokens are taken out of circulation. This approach creates a scarcity of token supply.

ICO Promotion  (20 out of 20 points)

They held many meetups and ICO presentations in UBEX Road Show:

March 7-8: Ho Chi minh City, Vietnam Vietnam Blockchain Week 2018
March 13-15: Singapore, Money 20/20 Asia
March 20-21: Hong Kong, Token 2049
March 27-28: Zurich, Switzerland Crypto Summit 2018
March 28-29: Tokyo, Japan, Slush Tokyo
April 3-4: Seoul, Korea, Deconomy 2018-06-07
April 12: Shanghai, China, 2nd Global Fintech Blockchain China Summit 2018
April 14: Ningbo, China , Cross Section Chain Exchange Forum
April 16-17: Madinat Jumeirah Dubai, UAE, World Blockchain Forum
April 25-26: Zug, Switzerland, Blockchain Summit Crypro Valley
May 14-16: New York, USA, Consensus 2018
May 16-17: Monaco, Monaco International Blockchain
May 28-29: Berlin, Germany, BLOCK SHOW 2018 Europe
May 31: Seoul, Korea, 10th Blockchain Symposium Synco
June 1: Seoul, Korea, Ubex Meetup
June 6: Hangzhou, China, Global BlockChain Leadership Summit 2018
June 10: Shanghai, China, Skyledger Shanghai 2018 Conference
July 2-3: Tokyo, Japan, 2018 Asia Digital Asset & Blockchain Congress

The marketing strategy was very well thought out which includes publications from crypto-oriented media: Cointelegraph, bitcoin.com, Coinschedule, Reuters and others.
Very good traffic stats by Alexa rank.


Promotion of the ICO occurs with the help of a bounty program. Tasks for obtaining rewards are standard (signature, Articles, Blogging, Facebook, Twitter).

The project team very active interact with the community by Telegram (25000+).

Visit: UBEX ICO site and UBEX ICOnow page


UBEX ICO rating and analysis: 93 out of 100 points


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