vanm bounty


Total Token for bounty = 5,000,000 VANM / 2500 ETH

1,000,000 VANM will be distributed to community contests that will run in future and updates will come via our social media channels.


If a bounty campaign has less than its required minimum participants, we will halve.
example: Telegram campaign is only 1,999 participant, Telegram Campaign allocation 10% = 500,000 / 2 = 250,000

Bounty campaign includes these categories:

Telegram 10% (min. 2000)
Twitter 10% (min. 1000)
Facebook 10% (min. 1000)
Instagram 10% (min. 1000)
YouTube 15% (min. 100)
Blog/Articles 15% (min. 100)
Translation 10%
Signature 10% (min. 100)
Bonus 10%

1. The bounty manager has the right to change the rules or get you out of the campaign if found cheating
2. Any application with improper information will be disqualified without notice (ie wrong ETH address, etc…)
3. Check the ETH address you’re entering twice, any changes in later stages will be denied.
4. All work will be submite in the thread
5. Stakes are calculated every week
6. When bounty ends, you will have 7 days for any questions/complaints
7. By signing up for the bounty, you accept these terms

VANM Telegram Bounty 

Follow VANM Telegram Comunity

1 stakes for joining and staying active until the ICO ends.
Telegram Join link: Telegram Community
You must update your Telegram username to “Your Name |
You must replace your profile picture with this one HERE
No spam or foul language against other members or about the project.
Try to be active and ask questions about the project.
Stay until the end of the ICO.
Discussion about the bounty is strictly prohibited.

Join here

Twitter VANM Bounty

1. Have more than 200 – 300 followers: 5 stakes/weeks
2. Have more than 301 – 1000 followers: 15 stakes/weeks
3. Have more than 1001 – 3000 followers: 35 stakes/weeks
4. Have more than 3001 – 5000 followers: 50 stakes/weeks
5. Have more than 5001 – 10,000 followers: 75 stakes/weeks
6. Have more than 10,001 followers: 100 stakes/weeks


1. Twitter account must have over 200 Followers
2. Must follow, like, Tweets and Retweet weekly at: Twitter official account
3. Maximum 5 retweets per week
4. Two (2) Original post per week with hashtags #VANM #powertothecityyoulivein #crypto #ICO #community
5. (please qoute or creat new post) to submited report weekly!
6. if you edit the report post, you will not get stake

Join here

Youtube VANM Bounty

High quality: 100 stakes.
medium quality: 75 stakes.
Low quality: 50 stakes.

1. We would accept any positive video about VANM, not only about the ICO, but about the idea itself, use cases, benefits, ICO etc.
2. Upload them on YouTube and/or Facebook (any video platform)
3. Must have at least 500 subscribers
4. Duration should not be less than 2 minutes of actual content
5. Stakes will be allotted on the basis of the quality and audience of the video. The amount of stakes assigned is non negotiable.
6. Plagiarism or use of other’s material will be considered as an invalid submission
7. Each submission has to have a clear identification or link to bitcointalk account in the description
8. Maximum of 5 submissions per user